Find 14 ways to say Coercion, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 49. China uses Coercion and aggression to systematically erode autonomy in Hong Kong, undercut democracy in Taiwan, abuse human rights and Xinjiang and Tibet, and assert maritime claims in …


3.2 Tvingande mekanismer (coercion) As evident, these two sentences (or more precisely, these two character strings) are contained in an object of length 2​.

30 juni 2017 — of the jail sentence and that others may be inspired to join the pickets. media that outlined emotional abuse, manipulation and coercion. 1 maj 2020 — conditional sentences, probation and special care the sentence is imprisonment for at most six guilty of unlawful coercion and is sentenced  12 sep. 2012 — Not that it would be better or less coercive than other aesthetics, but The blind conformism, coercion, and repression that's built into the code itself.

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The only evidence presented at the hearing will be focused on whether the defendant’s conduct was sexually motivated or … Context sentences for "coercion" in Swedish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. English They pursue a more open society and openly denounce coercion in religious matters. 2021-04-10 Smith (1991: 20) argues that the sentences in (6) present states as dynamic situations. In the present framework, we assume that the state has been coerced into a dynamic eventuality.

12 Dec 2017 Circumstances of the offence · Lord Brodie and Lord Drummond Young · ' Excessive sentence' · 'Coercion may sound in mitigation'.

I wouldn't be surprised if he wouldn't bring in a coercion bill at any minute. 91+1 sentence examples: 1.

Coercion in a sentence

(noun) Compelling an individual or group—either intellectually, morally, or physically—to do something; using force or threatening to use force.

Coercion in a sentence

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Context sentences for "coercion" in Swedish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. English They pursue a more open society and openly denounce coercion in religious matters.
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Coercion in a sentence

coercion (/ koʊˈɜːrʒən, - ʃən /) is the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force. 32. coercion in a sentence - Use "coercion" in a sentence 1. The comfort motive is a natural outgrowth of the coercion process. 2.

Coercion in a sentence 1. He paid the money under coercion. 2. For an accusation of physical coercion and threat of rape would be far less convincing from a psychopath.
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23 May 2019 For Victims Of Reproductive Coercion Like Me, 'Heartbeat' Abortion Laws Could Be A Death Sentence. With a baby to tie me to my abuser, 

Here are many translated example sentences containing "WITHOUT COERCION" - english-spanish translations and search engine for english translations. Formally, coercion sentences like (1): can be defined as an operation that converts an (1) The author began the book. expression, a, to the semantic type expected by a Verbs like began semantically select for a com- governing function, b (Pustejovsky, 1995). ‘He denied he had made the confession under coercion and threat, as alleged by his father.’ ‘There is also a belief that worker performance is based on either rewards offered by management or the threat of coercion.’ ‘If psychiatry is to move forward it is necessary, but not sufficient, to resist state coercion … If sentence structure influences the processing of complement coercion in a similar way, then we would expect that the coercion cost in the RC condition (e.g., 3c vs.

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23 sep. 2015 — penalty. (d) Zina committed by coercion or force [i.e. rape]; in which case, sentence offenders who have not reached the “age of maturity” only.

1998 — he said that the following sentence should be inserted at the end of Draft resolution II, on human rights and unilateral coercive measures,  19 mars 2009 — accused admitted bear children coercion confessed confession convicted daughter defendant dungeon elisabeth enslavement false fathered  19 mars 2009 — bear children coercion confessed confession daughter defence dungeon elisabeth enslavement false fathered forced fritzl guilty hospital  av C Diesen · Citerat av 17 — single sexual coercion case. • The most common locations for offender was given a custodial sentence; these ranged from six months to two and a half years. av K Blensenius · 2015 · Citerat av 11 — Table 4 Two-componential analysis of the imperfective sentence Mary shifted (​coerced in Moen's 1987 terms) to an activity situation type by  8 mars 2010 — The man was convicted of coercion into sexual intercourse and service, in Finland is punishable with a prison sentence of at least six months.


Our power of coercion was not on the ocean. Liberty inspires the free market, not coercion. The fault is Coercion in a sentence 1.

By this Coercion sentence examples:1.the key feature of this cycle is not Coercion but a better product.2.others object to the How to use coercion in a sentence. Coercion pronunciation. National Prohibition in the United States -granting, for the sake of argument, that it expresses the will of a majority-is not a case merely of a greater number of people forcing their standards of life upon a smaller number, in a matter in which such coercion by a majority is in its nature tyrannical. Examples of.